_20 years Schmuck2

In 2017 Schmuck2 celebrates its 20th anniversary. We celebrate in new and old constellations, in new and old context within this year.

_Schmuck2 - the praxis differs.

Exhibition at TAG (Tamagawa Art Gallery) Tokyo October 16th - 30th.

In the exhibition “Schmuck2 - the praxis differs” Schmuck2 will draw an overview over the last years of practice by focusing on printed matters in addition with a few artistic works, a recent photo work and a workshop “re-evaluate the given and taken” in which the artist in cooperation with Esther Gleuwitz (Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg/ Jewellery Department) and Marguerite Bones (Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam/ Jewellery Department) aim to encourage a limited number of students from the Tamagawa University to experience a different artistic genre. Works produced within this workshop will become a completive part of the exhibition.

„spring/summer 16 - green gold“
a publication on the occasion of 20 years of Schmuck2

In 2015 the two German artists Susan Pietzsch and Valentina Seidel started their new project „spring/summer 16 - green gold“ at the HOCHsitz/ Glashagen MV. On the occasion of the 20 years Schmuck2 celebration this work will be published as a series of photographs in a new Schmuck2 publication along with texts by Anne Schloen, Makiko Akiyama and an interview conducted by Benjamin Lignel within this year.


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