GLITZ AND THEN SOME - Things in the Everyday Life of Art

Jewelry as a phenomenon - represented by 12 international graphic designers in Plüschow, Munich and Berlin| a cooperation project by Suska Mackert and Schmuck2

-> See the pictures of the show in Plüschow 2007
-> See the pictures of the show in Berlin Installation of posters together with fashion and accessories of the japanese label minä perhonen on show during Berlin Fashion Week @ showroom ybdd | Torstrasse 170 Berlin.
See the posters of the show

For the realization of a graphic installation at Plüschow Lounge October 5th-7th 2007 at Schloss Plüschow, Schmuck2 and Suska Mackert invited 12 international graphic designers and artists to each design a poster under the theme "glitz and the some".
They are interested in, how jewelry as a phenomenon is represented by the graphic designers and artists invited such as: Gabi Altevers & Karla Detlefsen (ger), cyan (ger), Daniel Eatock (uk), Hansje van Halem & Michiel Schuurman (nl), Melle Hammer (nl), Kazunari Hattori (jp), Atsuki Kikuchi/ Bluemark Inc. (jp), Jan Kny (ger), Harmen Liemburg (nl), Hiroki Masunari (jp), Jacques et Brigitte (ger), David Reinfurt & Stuart Bailey/ dextersinister (usa).
The mutual search for the meaning of jewelry, as well as for the boundaries of the concept of jewelry, forms the basis for the cooperation of Schmuck2 (DE) and Suska Mackert (NL).
For the Plueschow Lounge October 5th - 7th 2007, they invited three artists: Cecile Belmont (GER), Heike Bollig (GER) and Stefan Wischnewski (GER) are simultaneously showing their artworks, which have their origin in the more and less glittering objects of daily life.

Image: Installation of posters on show during Schmuck 2008 | Munich @ "das geschäft"