Together with German art historian Anne Schloen, SCHMUCK2 developed the exhibition project “A possible dimension” for PANTALOON – a project space in Osaka (JP) that supports projects between art and design.
“A possible dimension” reflected the concept of jewellery from new and different perspectives. The project space did not find a “conventional” piece of jewellery, but rather works that serve to challenge the traditionally accepted boundaries of what constitutes jewellery – opening up a new dimension.

With works by Caroline Bayer(DE), BLESS(DE), Heike Bollig(DE), Daniel Knorr(DE), Maik and Dirk Löbbert(DE), Suska Mackert(DE), Naoko OGAWA(DE), Valentina Seidel(DE), Susan Pietzsch(DE), Motohiro TOMII(JP) and Stefan Wischnewski(DE), the exhibition presented new and unusual perspectives on the phenomenon of jewellery. Traditional paradigms regarding the function and relevance of jewellery were questioned.
The exhibition addressed contemporary interpretations of the theme of “jewellery” and the proliferation of “jewellery” both as a concept and as an object in other media.
As part of the exhibition, a “reading room” was installed as a site-specific artwork by Caroline Bayer. Books, magazines, various (jewellery) publications reflecting the broad spectrum of jewellery from the perspective of SCHMUCK2 could be read in the space.

Funded by the Cultural Ministry of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the County of Bad Doberan and the GWK – Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Westfälischen Kulturarbeit e.V.. Kindly supported by Olga Zobel – Galerie Biro/ München, Mayumi Nakayama – Röntgenwerke A.G./Tokio, Shintaro IMAI and Cathy Cox.