:anprobe(fitting) was the launch project for SCHMUCK2 in 1998/99 after its founding in 1997. With :anprobe, SCHMUCK2 aimed to significantly expand the scope of impact for contemporary jewellery. To this end, the project docked onto various public cultural events in several cities in Germany.
On the occasion of the Horse Racing Days in Heiligendamm, the “euro-scene” in the Schauspielhaus in Leipzig, the European Capital of Culture Weimar 1999 and others. Four artists: Inka Bergmann, Dörte Dietrich, Nina Klatt and Susan Pietzsch installed a mobile exhibition designed by Tom Kühne whose exhibits (pieces of jewellery) were offered for temporary exchange for a personal piece of jewellery.
The traveling exhibition was preceded by a two-week workshop, for which the artists and jewellery designers met in the legendary “Haus Weimar” in Heiligendamm to each develop their own jewellery objects.
Temporary owners of the jewellery were archived via Polaroids.
At the same time, questionnaires included in the return packages offered with the exchanged piece documented the experiences of the wearers.

Excerpts from the questionnaires
What was the reaction of friends and strangers?
interested * amused * they were delighted, both of the jewellery as well as the idea * one has to get used to it * strange * funny * very extravagant * very mixed actually, although most people judged the jewellery as very witty and unusual * positive * people often approached me: “Oh, designer jewellery, arty jewellery”, also: “Did you make that yourself?“ * from disapproval to enthusiasm * some were frightened of what I had on my shoulder “iiih” * interest in the jewellery-swapping-business * understanding of the particularity of the piece * You and jewellery! What’s that?

How often and what occasions did you wear the jewellery on?
In the four weeks lending time I wore the jewellery very often in order to give my everyday life and my appearance a special touch * very often * on various occasions, theatre, office… * day and night actually, and it was fun wearing the “fly” on the shoulder * at the opera * the theatre * in my free time * almost every day * at work * at home * when meeting friends * extremely often * to every party & even at school I couldn’t get my fingers off the piece * for the international days of the research of the Baltic Sea in Stockholm * rather seldom * concert * celebration of the town district * at the disco * almost every day * to work * to parties * theatre * on journeys * on my backpack

What kind of relation did you build up towards the jewellery?
I was worried about losing the donkey * I knew I would stand out * It was a therapeutic aid, the therapy was: come out of your shell, dare something new. * It was so to speak love at first sight. * I got used to it * I feel good with it my dear fly on the shoulder has become my “company/clothes pet”. I don’t like giving away the piece, therefore the late return. * A wonderful weekend in Leipzig. * I regarded the jewellery as my own during the time of wearing, and was often pleased with it because I liked it a lot and others appreciated it. * Initially I felt permanently insecure, that the jewellery might break or stand out unpleasantly, I felt like someone special. * At first I had to get used to it, but it’s fun that people talk to you because of certain jewellery. * I enjoyed it very much to be the centre of attention, for example at parties. * From my understanding of jewellery the piece was rather too large. * I have a rather sceptical attitude towards such kind of jewellery.

I’d like to know something about the history of my piece, who did also wear it? * The reaction of all people who saw this donkey brooch was interesting for me too – it showed how one gets perceived. * My wife found the jewellery too symmetrical, nevertheless, a nice experiment, the campaign was fun, thanks to everybody. * Very young imaginative jewellery, but not always wearable being so relatively dominant. * Perhaps I’ll remain an unadorned type, I noticed that I judge all things by function and practical quality. * I find the idea super and would like to know more about your activities. * Thank you very much and every success to everybody involved. * I hope we will see each other next year at the EuroScene in Leipzig. * Great idea! * It really drew my attention to new jewellery! * Thank you very much! In case you lend more jewellery let me know!

Exhibition design: Tom Kühne
Graphic design: Jan Kny

Funded by the Ministries of Culture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Thuringia, the Cultural Offices of the cities of Weimar and Rostock, the company Neon-Licht in Bargeshagen/Rostock and the Development Company Heiligendamm.