With the installation of the HOCHsitz in Glashagen in Northern Mecklenburg, SCHMUCK2 sets in the discourse on the current notion of showroom/studio/space for art and design. Designed by Spanish designer Marti Guixe, installed and supported by MAKRA-Bau GmbH, the hybrid space has since served as SCHMUCK2’s hostel or impulse generator for various artistic projects. Located on the private meadow of a farm, the studio assumes its function as a border crosser between private and public space – from the local to the global and thus includes various social phenomena.

© Photos Shintaro Imai

© Drawing Martí Guixé

In addition to the installation of the HOCHsitz studio in 2010, the exploration of the theme of the contemporary studio culminated in an interview project in which Cologne-based art historian Dr. Anne Schloen, Susan Pietzsch/SCHMUCK2 and Berlin-based artist Ulrike Solbrig/UNWETTER interviewed a number of international designers, artists and theorists about the current situation of contemporary studio, production and presentation spaces.

 © Photos Ulrike Solbrig

»Stinging Nettle (Utica silica)«  special tea edition for SCHMUCK2 in 2010

 © Photos Silke Koch

»WATCH OUT« installation next to the HOCHsitz by Silke Koch in 2010

The borders between public space and privat property are always changing. The rules for these area’s as well. Now there is a private farm site near Heiligendamm/Germany that hosts experiments, actions and installations on contemporary jewellery in a mini-studio in a tree house. For this very specific place, Silke Koch developed an artwork which defines the rules of regulation for that property. Watch out!

Photo © Shintaro Imai

»EXTRA BUTTON« Transformation of Buttons in Form by Noon Passama in 2010 

 © Thomas Häntzschel/nordlicht

During a HOCHsitz residency by T.S.Wendelstein (The Simple Society) outsourced as part of the project »Jewellery Hyperreal« 2012 at the Künstlerhaus Lukas Ahrenshoop

© Photos Thomas Häntzschel/nordlicht, Cecile Belmont

»Across the plain« installation next to the HOCHsitz by Cecile Belmont 2015

In a specific way, Cecile Belmont brilliantly combines diverse media in her work. She uses various artistic strategies and diverse crafts and finds her expression in limited edition clothing, embroidery, works on paper as well as performances in public space. In doing so, Belmont moves confidently and convincingly on the border between art and design. During her stay in Glashagen, the artist Cecile Belmont has used the HOCHsitz to expand from here into the immediate environment. As usual in her work, the artist has combined various working techniques and media. New was thereby, that she went from clothing to jewellery and sought her fundamental expression through this medium. Thru the works that unfolded in front of the HOCHsitz on the meadow was created for the first time a direct relationship between environment and the Atelier by SCHMUCK2. A work in public space that involved interested people directly from the path. With her project, the artist has described a new form of jewelry and exemplified a unique approach to the subject of jewellery.

© Drawing and Rendering Martí Guixé

© Photos Pratt Manhattan Gallery New York

»After Wearing: A History of Gestures, Actions, and Jewelry« exhibition contribution in collaboration with T.S. Wendelstein (The Simple Society/75W), Pratt Manhattan Gallery New York, New York/US 

Funded by the Ministry of Culture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the County Bad Doberan and the MAKRA-Bau GmbH (www.makra-systemholzbau.de).