Jewellery Hunting


A project by Naoko Ogawa in collaboration with SCHMUCK2.
Ogawa’s jewellery hunt is based on the connotation of individual beauty that exists only in our imagination. The artist’s goal is to initiate a hunt in which jewellery and the possession thereof is only experienced visually. Moreover, one is sensitised to the awareness of a new perception of worth.
According to Ogawa, the possession of worth is the most meaningful element of each person, because it is what constitutes the respective individual personality. Similar to the possession of a car, a clock, a work of art, or a house, jewellery is considered to be a specific indicator of self-expression in our society. The artist alludes to this idea in her jewellery hunt.

In Ogawa’s project Jewelry Hunting – Die Jagd nach dem Schmuckbild, a fleeting image of jewellery is captured, existing only for the moment. For this, the artist makes use of various lighting effects and apparitions. Thus, glowing light, diffused light, light fragments, or a stark colour contrast, as well as silhouettes or casted shadows can be pieces of jewellery in the sense given by the artist.

Visitors can go on the jewellery hunt themselves by means of a field map on which the artist has defined possible places to hunt down jewellery in the area of Bad Doberan/Rostock.
Point of departure for the hunt was the HOCHsitz Atelier. A piece of jewellery from a successful hunt could be captured in a picture, or just carried home in one’s memory.

Get your field map and start your hunt from the HOCHsitz!

© Naoko Ogawa

Naoko Ogawa studied at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in the master class for metalwork. She was then a research student at Tama Art University in Tokyo, where she completed her Bachelor’s in the metal class. She has participated in numerous international exhibits and presented her most important solo show to date in 2011 at the Galerie Biro in Munich. In contrast with most jewellery artists, Ogawa develops jewellery as an object for which the meaning of the wearing of jewellery also plays a significant role. The motivation for her work is the piece of jewellery that is completed only through its being worn. Naoko Ogawa lives in Berlin.