JEWELLERY HYPERREAL - How could jewellery be transferred into hyperreality?


The point of departure for the workshop and the exhibition took its shape from the views of the Spanish designer Marti Guixe, who stated the following in a 2011 interview with SCHMUCK2:

“I think at the moment that jewellery’s purpose is to be only a picture—not a reality—and in that way it can be present without being made. (…) Something like haute couture, you see it everywhere but nobody wears it.” And “Jewellery should go beyond material and handicraft. (…) This could be plastic surgery, or text, or whatever that could be added into your image, figure or composition of the photo or video.”

from: “Hochsitzen”, published by SCHMUCK2, 2011

The workshop at Künstlerhaus Lukas and the following exhibition at Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop involved artists and designers Gabriele Altevers(DE), Caroline Bayer(DE), Karla Detlefsen(DE), Benedikt Fischer(NL), Marti Guixe(ES), Inga Knölke(DE), Tom Kühne(DE), Susan Pietzsch(DE), Anne Schloen(DE) and Wolfgang Stehle (DE) called attention to this development. Artists did deal especially with the questions: Does the emergence of hyperreality also have an effect on the human need for adornment? What significance does the existence of a hyperreality hold for the concept of jewellery? Can jewellery be transported into a hyperreal existence?. Excerpts of the project had been on show at the exhibition space (PLACE ) by method in Tokyo(JP) and studio J in Osaka(JP).

“JEWELLERY HYPERREAL” – How could jewellery be transferred into hyperreality?

Book launch and exhibition 04th – 19th of april 2014 at (PLACE ) by method, Tokyo
26th of april – 24th of may 2014 at studio J, Osaka, featuring art works from the workshop during August 2012 at Künstlerhaus Lukas Ahrenshoop by Marti Guixe/ Inga Knölke/ Susan Pietzsch/ Wolfgang Stehle.

Funded by the Ministry of Culture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the County North Pomerania.