Kontakträume - Neuer Schmuck


In 2001 SCHMUCK2 presented a two-part exhibition under the title „Kontakträume – Neuer Schmuck“ (Contact Rooms – New Jewellery) in the Kunsthalle Rostock in Germany. The exhibition was the first to launch the international exchange that SCHMUCK2 focused on in subsequent projects. Selected works from countries of the Baltic region gave an insight into striking positions of the contemporary jewellery scene in the north. The first exhibition showed jewellery by Janine Arnold(DE), Helle Bjerrum(DK), Margaret Bridgwater (DK), Tuija Helena Markonsalo (FI) and Matti Mattsson (FI) as well from Ulrika Swärd(SE) . Additional the video installation “Valentina Ballerina” by the German photographer Valentina Seidel was shown.

The second exhibition opened with a theater performance entitled „Alles stimmt nicht“ (All is not right) choreographed by the German artist Chat Linder.
Members of the Hibernate Group – Kimmo Heikkilä, Helena Lehtinen, Eija Mustonen and Tarja Tuupanen (FI), Kati Nulpponen(FI) and Karina Noyons(DK) showed their works.

Quotations from the visitors book
What is young * What is jewellery * What is art * Phantastic pieces of jewellery * Great presentation! * Jewellery has to be wearable, this here is not – only worth looking at. Is that a shame? * Wearing this jewellery requires courage. Why shouldn’t one have it? And not only for wearing jewellery. * Strange shapes, things!! Material, too. Pity, jewellery I imagine differently. * Crappy exhibition real crap. * The journey was worth it. New and different! Very beautiful exhibition.