A performative intervention by Caroline Bayer and Susan Pietzsch on the occasion of 25 years of SCHMUCK2  in the park of the old Glashagen estate.

© Copyright SCHMUCK2 + Thomas Häntzschel/nordlicht

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, in the summer of 2022, SCHMUCK2 added to the PLAY MUSEUM project what belongs to every museum: the active encounter with the guest.

In spontaneous and conceived exchange, SCHMUCK2 continued the vision of the “(jewellery) museum“ and invited guests to the PLAY MUSEUM SCHMUCKBAR to experience the most fundamental part of our life – food, in its sensual quality as jewellery.

Directly connected to the body, our food serves us in an increasingly digitalized world, as material basis of life, with the aim of self-esteem and self-care, characteristics, that also echoe the meaning of jewellery.

© Copyright SCHMUCK2

To give this artistic form, Susan Pietzsch created pictographic arranged treats from the color, texture and flavor of the immediate nature.

© Copyright Shintaro Imai & Caroline Bayer

Caroline Bayer hand-potted dishes from local clay and glazed them with ash.

© Copyright Shintaro Imai

At the latest during the enjoyment and exchange with the artists, the visitor got involved in the creation of the “(jewellery) museum”, participated in the process that re-evaluates the meaning of the sensual and the real.

The project PLAY MUSEUM SCHMUCKBAR was funded by the Ministry of Science, Culture, Federal and European Affairs of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and supported by the municipality of Retschow.