reloaded - creative strategies on cars


The exhibition “reloaded” showed works by visual artists and conceptually working designers in the public space of the city of Bad Doberan as well as the car dealership Auto Birne in the same place. The intention was to initiate a multifaceted examination of the subject of the car, in which accepted divisions between art and design are suspended. The relationship between the individual and the car plays a central role. Marti Guixe(ES), BLESS(DE/FR) as well as Valentina Seidel and Susan Pietzsch(DE) dealt with the automobile as a social symbol: The car is seen as a “driving business card”, as it is as close to the driver as his clothes and it also refers to his personality. Another important aspect in this analysis is the car as an object. The formal design of the car is analyzed as it reflects the spirit of the times, design trends and styles. Maik and Dirk Löbbert(DE), Stefan Wischnewski(DE) and BLESS transform existing cars and show a previously undiscovered potential through their artistic manipulations, so that the everyday situation becomes an unusual experience.