SWITCH - 3x5 Jewellery and Wearable Objects


For an exhibition in summer 2003 at the gallery „Roter Pavillon“ (an important octagonal half-timbered building with a pagoda roof built in 1808/09 by Carl Theodor Severin) three international jewellery artists, Tuija Helena Markonsalo from Finland, Mikiko Minewaki from Japan and Susan Pietzsch from Germany, were invited to select four other artists from their countries to join them in this exhibition of 3×5 artists. The idea was to reflect the position of contemporary jewellery in their respective countries. Opening performance by Marina Konovalova (Moskau/ Rostock).

Participating Artists:
Tomomi Arata, Keiko Kashihara, Mikiko Minewaki, Ryuichiro Nakamura and Tamami Oda from Japan.
Heli Hietala, Eero Hintsanen, Tuija Helena Markonsalo, Kati Nulpponen and Maria Nuutinen from Finland.
Bless, Felix Lindner, peah, Susan Pietzsch and Ines Tartler from Germany.

Additional – SWITCH – an international Symposion took place.
According to the meaning of the word, to “switch” the symposium wanted to relate between different aspects of jewellery. This can be seen as a shift of properties and priorities, between the realm of fashion, art, jewellery and media. Especially the question of these new levels of border crossing shall be examined in the lectures. Several guests, looked at already existing departure points from a variety of perspectives. An open discussion on the emerging effects will follow.

Felix Lindner and Samantha Font Sala / peah(DE/FR)
“Fashion is my Profashion”, homage to Jean Paul Gaultier

Mikiko Minewaki
Jewellery artist and senior lecturer at the Hiko Mizuno College of Jewellery, Tokyo (JP): „My Works and TV-Heroes in the Daily Life”

Anna Schetelich of Gallery OONA (DE)

„How Does Art Get Applicable/The Search for an Interface”

Ulla Golombek, Head of the Culture Department of the City of Bad Doberan(DE)

Guided tour to the historic illustrated wallpaper, according to the legend of “Amor and Psyche, Apuleius of Madaura, 2nd century A. D.” in the Oval Hall of the Grand Ducal Palace Bad Doberan

Dr. Barbara Maas, art historian and independent author (DE)
„The Same Again Different” About the term “Novelty” in Contemporary Jewellery”

Funded by the Ministry of Culture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Stiftung Kulturfonds, the district Bad Doberan and the City of Bad Doberan, the Japan Foundation and the Consulate General of Finland in Hamburg.