WRAPPINGHOOD dealt with the surface of objects, people, places and structures. The outer, visual appearance took on a primary function because it guarantees identity and visibility. In the contemporary consumer and media society, every person and every object needs an identity, a “package” as style, in order to be noticed. WRAPPINGHOOD was an artistic attempt to deal with an awareness of the designed and decorated surface as a membrane between inner and outer.

To decorate oneself is a common and widespread phenomenon. This is about a basic need in people to express their personality and individuality by their outer appearance. Jewellery acts as a medium to represent this intersection between body, image and product, to combine visual   and material culture with each other. The project WRAPPINGHOOD extended the traditional concept of jewellery and dissolves the seperation between jewellery, clothes, packaging, decoration and ornament. Jewellery designers and artists were invited not only to deal with the personal and private, but also with the public and societal desire for embellishment, visibility and identity. WRAPPINGHOOD – between art, architecture, fashion, jewellery, design and media.

A collaborative project of mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) and SCHMUCK2 in the public space of the city of Middlesbrough, Great Britain.

Included artists: Marti Guixe (ES), Suska Mackert(DE), Susan Pietzsch(DE), Valentina Seidel(DE), Ole Krabbe Poulsen(DK), Rene Schmidt(DK), Ines Tartler(DE) and Aya Tsukioka(JP)